Mandy Dee Stripping Off Bikini in Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Always nice to watch the lovely Mandy Dee stripping out of her clothes, in this case a bikini, standing in a deep jacuzzi hot tub style square bath with lots of hot water jets. It’s not on, probably to keep the sound down while they film.

Mandy Dee Gets Nude Taking Off Her Bikini in a Jacuzzi at Karups PC

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We didn’t come here to watch the water move around in any case, not when we have a super sexy blonde with massive boobs taking off her clothes in front of her. First her panties get slid down her thighs and into the clear water. She retrieves her bikini bottoms from around her ankles, bending over to show us her ass as she leans over to pick them up.

Now that her panties are full of water she squeezes them in her hand and lets some of the water run down her body while looking into the camera. From there it’s time to remove her bikini top or bra, and is finally totally naked.

While we watch Mandy Dee stripping we can see she knows how hot she looks, as evidenced when she does a kind of deep knee bend and lets her tits bounce on the way back up, giving a little smirk with her mouth as if to say she knows how awesome her breasts are.

We don’t disagree, Mandy. Another fine nude video from Karups Private Collection.

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Mandy Dee Blowjob in Black Lingerie

We start this Mandy Dee blowjob video off straight from the top from the first moments of filming for this DDF Busty scene. A perfect way to get introduced to the lovely blonde Russian pornstar Mandy Dee.

She’s wearing a set of black lingerie, with thick ruffled straps on both the bra straps and panties. The bra has see through cups, and gold highlights on the edges of the black trim. When she removes her bra and shows us her amazing beautiful natural titties, we also see she’s wearing a pretty luxurious gold necklace with a large pendant hanging from the chain.

Many Dee Undressing Out of Black See Through Lingerie to Give a Blowjob at DDF Busty

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When she takes her panties off, a man walks into the frame with his dick hard and ready (straight from the fluffer!) to insert into Mandy Dee’s waiting mouth. She gives good blowjobs from her several years of experience as one of Europe’s hottest busty porn stars.

I guess calling this a blowjob video is a bit false, because there’s just a little bit at the end, however I like to start my blogs off with a softcore video of the model undressing, because what better way to begin?

She did much of her content with DDF Network, so that’s a good place to start if you want a bunch of her videos in one place.

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Mandy Dee Bio of Blonde Russian Pornstar

Mandy Dee is a Russian pornstar who recently retired, but I guess we can consider her semi-retired because we know how these girls like to think they’re done, only to return a short while later. Once you go full pornstar, you never go back.

She’s got a set of really gorgeous natural breasts, you’d be hard pressed to find a better pair. Her height was reported at several different sources with different results, but most in the area of her being of average height to perhaps slightly taller than average for a woman.

Continuing with this Mandy Dee bio, she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and loves anal sex like lots of other European porn stars. It just seems more accepted in Europe I suppose, no matter how sexy the girl is she seems to do anal like it’s all part of the plan. She even does fisting and stuff. I didn’t notice any DP scenes though, but if you did find one please let me know in the comments so I can update her action level here at this blog.

A real shame that she’s retired, but hopefully she’s just taking a break and we’ll see more of Russian porn star Mandy Dee doing what she does best – get naked, fuck and suck on camera. Wish I had more for a bio of her but as with most Russian girls, there’s not a ton of personal info available for her.

You’ll note Mandy Dee has quite a bit of content out there, mostly from DDF Studios, Pix and Video and several other mostly European networks. A semi complete list of where you can find her videos is to the right side of this blog in the Video Finder section. I was actually pretty surprised that there’s limited scenes of her at some of the larger US networks, I figured she would have done more tours across the pond.

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Mandy Dee

Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 114lb / 52kg
Measurements: 34D-24-35
Country: Russia
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: January 23rd, 1989
Implants: No
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue


Mandy Dee is from mother Russia so I'm guessing details will be slim to none about her, unless she happens to speak English. I'll have to delve deep into this sexy busty blonde's porn videos to really tell. Terrible job, this.


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